UE COMM Retro Fit


You can find this below the model code and the initials on the back of the monitors and may include both letters and numbers. Ex: 123456 or AB1234 *


**Please note we only do Retrofits with Ultimate Ears professional IEM models - we do not work with any other manufacturer.

Here are the next steps for what to do regarding your retrofit:

  • You will get an email from us with the order paperwork attached – please print that paperwork and put it in the box you are shipping to Ultimate Ears.
  • In the box you should include:
    • Your IEMs that need to be retrofitted
    • Your small travel case with your name on it (optional)
    • Order paperwork
    • That’s all!
  • Once that is shipped in to and received by UE, it will take approximately 15 days before they will be completed and shipped back to you.
  • During that time, we will ship you all the other parts for your UE COMM retrofit.
  • Once either order has been shipped, we will email you the tracking information for that shipment.
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