TA5M XLR Adaptor – Any Pinout


Custom, swappable barrel adaptors will adapt you to the XLR pin type of your comms gear provided by production. We offer any configuration needed for your custom or standard needs: 4pinM, 5pinF, 6pin M/F, or any custom mini Din, etc.

**All XLR Adaptors are non-serviceable in the field – opening or tampering with the product in any way immediately voids any warranty for repair or replacement. 4pinF and 5pinM included with a UE COMM purchase (part of the adaptor kit). The UE Comm cable terminates to a TA5F, so one end of the adaptor is a TA5M.

The adaptor side opposite the TA5M to connect to chosen sound source

Warranty: 1 Year

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Termination Points

The UE Comm cable terminates in a TA5F, so one end of the adaptor is a TA5M.
Please specify what the other end will be in the drop down menu.
XLR, TA5M/F, 4pinM/F, 5pinM/F, 6pinM/F…

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