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90 Degree Adaptor: TA5M – Any Pinout


“Find you need to shorten the connector? Turn it on its side!”

See the photos for specific belt packs to confirm the direction. Note: 12 O’clock positions not possible due to the placement of the lock release.

Please write in what you would like in the text box. If you need assistance, please send us a message through the site and we will get back to you ASAP.

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TA5M XLR adaptor for all of your comms system needs!

Sits at a 90 degree angle for those who sit when working or need the TA5 connector to be at a right angle rather than standard connection to the belt pack or panel.

We offer any configuration needed for your custom or standard needs: 4pinM, 5pinF, 6pin M/F, or any custom mini Din etc.

Additional information

Termination Points

The UE Comm cable terminates in a TA5F, so one end of the adaptor is a TA5M.
Please specify what the other end will be…
XLR, TA5M/F, 4pinM/F, 5pinM/F, 6pinM/F…

Multiple Orders

If ordering more than one of these or if ordering in bulk, please specify the amount and termination points for each, for example:
30 4pinM
15 5pinM

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