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Our Team is working tirelessly to get the update completed!

Our new website is currently being built and we will unveil it in the next few weeks… For now, please contact matt@in-housesound.com for any purchases you would like to place or questions you have about any of our products.

Rob Vuona at the Oscars

For any of the UE COMM family that loves our products and wants to let people know, we are going to be placing them on the website as quotes from professionals in the field – if you have pictures that would be even better! Please just let us send us what you got and we’ll add all we can… Thanks so much!

Peter Abraham knows what’s up…

In-House Sound Website Under Construction and Needs Your Input! Send us photos of you in the field using the UE COMM and let us know how much you love it. We will add any quotes or pics you have to the website and then unveil it in a couple of weeks… Contact matt@in-housesound.com regarding any purchases or questions about any of our groundbreaking products…