IEM & UECOMM 2023 Promo Codes

Getting Ready for Festival Season Promo! Get these HUGE discounts on IEMs and UE COMMs from 1/30/23 -2/17/23 til 11:59PM!   UE 7 PRO/COMM - $200 off with code: UE7200 @ checkout UE RR/COMM - $220 off with code: UERR220 @ checkout UE 11 PRO/COMM - $260 off with...

February 2022 Pricing Update

Attached is our updated Pricing for 2022. We are excited for the new year and can't wait to help you have the best audio experience possible! Look at all of our pricing by clicking HERE

UE COMM Repairs

IN-HOUSE SOUNDUECOMM RepairsMatt Oliva, Co-Founder9/22/21Depending on what needs to be repaired, you may need to ship your gear to Ulitmate Ears or to In-House Sound.  Both companies provide a One Year Limited Warranty on all parts and labor.  In-House Sound has a $50...

Physical Impressions & Scans for your IEM’s

IN-HOUSE SOUNDPhysical Impressions and Scans for your IEM'sMatt Oliva, Co-Founder8/30/21  Now that you’ve purchased your UE COMM or Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors, it is time to get either physical impressions (molds) or scans.  What you can get will depend on where...

In-House Sound & Ultimate Ears Labor Day Friends & Family Sale!!!

In-House Sound & Ultimate Ears Labor Day Friends & Family Sale!!!

In-House Sound and Ultimate Ears are having a Labor Day Sale that is sure to help everyone who needs a set of IEM's or any version of the UE COMM for their personal and professional needs... Now that our lives have changed so dramatically, this sale couldn't have come...

Insurance On All Shipments

Insurance On All Shipments

The massive increase in shipping due to the pandemic has unfortunately led to more lost packages. We are now including shipping insurance on every order that is more than $100. The size and expense of the order will determine the shipping cost directly. Please let us...

Welcome Home!

We have finally upgraded our website so now it's one In-House we can call home! Please keep an eye on this blog page as we will be adding information weekly about upcoming deals, new products and good news for everyone... Check out our new shop when you get moment -...

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