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In-House Sound story

In 2016 Jason Batuyong, who had been an Ultimate Ears Ambassador for years, imagined a comms headset for production using UE’s custom in-ear monitors. He brought this idea to Brady Belavek, they developed a working model and brought it to Ultimate Ears who loved the idea. The product immediately got a lot of interest and some sales. After several months, Brady decided it was time to create a company to sell this incredible product.

He reached out to Matt Oliva to assist him with this new venture and In-House Sound was born. Since then, Brady and Matt have been working tirelessly to develop and expand this product and its accessories to become the most desired production headset on the market. Over the years, they have innovated the products to make the UE COMM even better.

At In-House Sound, the most important factor is the client. We make a point of talking to each client and find exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Often, clients have specific needs, and we specialize in customizing new products to fit exactly what you are looking for…

Now that the UE COMM is starting to dominate the production market, Brady and Matt are open to every opportunity where headsets are needed. Currently, In-House Sound is developing several new products, all of which are slated for Summer 2021!

So, keep coming back to the site and check for updates and new products.


Our Team

Brady Belavek

Brady Belavek


Brady Belavek is a seasoned Audio director of 16 years for one of the leading and most competitive rental equipment companies in the nation.

After spending nearly two decades developing multiple vertical markets that support an array of audio product lines, Brady knows what truly drives the operation and programming of all scale sound and communication systems – expertise partnered with the establishment of key industry relationships.

Because of his ability to connect with and provide direct support to a diverse team of engineers and clientele, Brady has proven his success as a results-focused professional in both operation and programming.

Matt Olivia

Matt Olivia


Matt Oliva started working with sound in college at SFSU. After years of playing several instruments, singing, writing, and recording music, he found that he loved to cultivate sounds for the theatre.

He produced several shows and did the sound design for several main stage shows at SFSU.  He joined Brady in their latestventure, In-House Sound.

Over the past four years they have been developing the UE COMM and all of its accessories, all while continuously creating new music in their studio, located in Burbank, California.

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