In-House Sound story

In 2016 Jason Batuyong, who had been an Ultimate Ears Ambassador for years, built a comms headset for production using UE’s custom in-ear monitors. He brought this idea to Brady Belavek, they developed a working model and brought it to Ultimate Ears who loved the idea. The product immediately got a lot of interest and some sales. After several months, Brady decided it was time to create a company to sell this incredible product.

He reached out to Matt Oliva to assist him with this new venture and In-House Sound was born. Since then, Brady and Matt have been working tirelessly to develop and expand this product and its accessories to become the most desired production headset on the market. Over the years, they have innovated the products to make the UE COMM even better.

At In-House Sound, the most important factor is the client. We make a point of talking to each client and find exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Often, clients have specific needs, and we are specialized in customizing new products to exactly what you are looking for.

Now that the UE COMM is starting to dominate the production market, Brady and Matt are open to every opportunity that headsets are needed. Currently, In-House Sound is developing several new products, all of which are slated for Summer 2021!

So, keep coming back to the site and check for updates and new products.


Our Team

Brady Belavek

Brady Belavek


Brady Belavek is a seasoned Audio director of 16 years for one of the leading and most competitive rental equipment companies in the nation.

After spending nearly two decades developing multiple vertical markets that support an array of audio product lines, Brady knows what truly drives the operation and programming of all scale sound and communication systems – expertise partnered with the establishment of key industry relationships.

Because of his ability to connect with and provide direct support to a diverse team of engineers and clientele, Brady has proven his success as a results-focused professional in both operation and programming.

Matt Oliva

Matt Oliva


Matt Oliva started working with sound in college at SFSU. After years of playing several instruments, singing, writing, and recording music, he found that he loved to cultivate sounds for the theatre. He produced several shows and did the sound design for several main stage shows at SFSU.  He joined Brady in their latest

venture, In-House Sound. Over the past four years they have been developing the UE COMM

and all of its accessories, all while continuously creating new music in their studio, located in Burbank, California.


What is the UE COMM?

The UE COMM is a versatile, lightweight intercom headset that combines custom-fitted noise-canceling in-ear monitors with a purpose-built microphone for crystal-clear communication in professional production environments.

What can the UE COMM be used for?

The UE COMM can be used for any activity that requires audio monitoring or two-way communication. The UE COMM is commonly used by: 

  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Camera Operators
  • Job Operators
  • Sound Designers
  • Lighting Designers
  • Stage Managers
  • Stage Hands
  • Production Assistants
  • Sports Newscasters
  • Sports Teams
  • Racing Teams
  • Referees
  • Pilots
  • Professional
  • Private
  • Airlines
  • Private Jets
  • Cessna
  • Helicopters
  • Gamers
  • Security

How much does the UE COMM cost?

The base model UE COMM package is $1200 + tax and shipping.

What comes with the standard UE COMM package?

The standard UE COMM package includes the following:


  • UE 5 Pro dual-driver custom-fitted noise-cancelling in-ear monitors
  • UE COMM custom cable with mic attachment
  •  State-of-the-art electret headset microphone with an innovative magnetic base that lets you attach the mic to either the left or right earpiece
  • UE COMM cable – 64” Black
  • Magnets and Microphone Connectors on each IEM + Magnet Caps for when not in use
  • IPX UE COMM cable terminating in a TA5F: 64” Black
  • IPX Super Bax Listen Only cable with Earloops – 50” or 64” available
  • Versatile Adapter Kit with a 4pinF, 5pinM and 3.5mm TRRS adapters
  • IPX cable (listen-only)
  •  Custom SKBHard Case that holds everything comfortably
  • In-ear monitor cleaning tool
  • IEM Case – Round or Square available with personalized engraving.

Can you purchase a different set of in-ear monitors with the UE COMM?

When purchasing any pair of Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors you can add the UE COMM headset for $701 plus the additional cost of the IEMs + tax and shipping.

Can I upgrade my personal set of in-ear monitors to UE COMM?

Yes, you can also upgrade your personal pair of UE in-ear monitors to a UE COMM headset, which includes magnets on the earpieces, a UE COMM microphone, a UE COMM cable and an adapter kit for $800 + tax.   Please email for more information.

Integration with in-ear monitors from companies other than Ultimate Ears is not available at this time.

Can I upgrade my SL socket model UE COMM to IPX socket?

Yes, you can!  The process costs $300 and includes a UE COMM IPX Cable.

Click here for more information.

Can multiple people use the UE COMM?

Yes. We offer the UE COMM Universal-Fit Kit, which includes a set of foam and silicone ear tips of varying sizes to fit multiple users.

How do you use the UE COMM?

Simply insert your in-ear monitors and connect the microphone using the UE COMM custom cable. Use the included 4-pin female, 5-pin male or 3.5mm TRRS adapters to connect to belt packs, comm boards like the Riedel Bolero and ClearCom FreeSpeak, or two-way systems from Motorola, Kenwood and Vertex.

What if my system can’t power the electric mic?

Not all systems include features for charging electret microphones. In those scenarios, we recommend using the Electret Power Box (EPB)—a small, rechargeable box placed between the UE COMM and your belt pack, used to power the electret mic.  Click here to learn more. 

Can the UE COMM be used with multiple sound sources?

Yes, by using a custom Program Insert Cable the UE COMM can monitor two signals simultaneously. We offer customized cables to suit every need for $160 + tax and shipping. Click here to learn more.

Will the UE COMM work with my unique set up?

Simply insert your in-ear monitors and connect the microphone using the UE COMM custom cable. Use the included 4-pin female, 5-pin male or 3.5mm TRRS adaptors to connect to belt packs, comm boards like the Riedel Bolero and ClearCom FreeSpeak, or, with a custom radio adaptor, two-way systems including Motorola, Kenwood, and Vertex.

What additional accessories will I need for the UE COMM?

Most popular accessories for UE COMM:

1) EPBV3 – Electret Power Box: supplies power to the electret mic when working on older systems that don’t have an electret setting to power the mic.

2) Program Insert Cable (PGM Cable): splits the signal for the wearer.  This can split sound for the following ( but not limited to):

  • – Comms and Program
  • – Comms and Walkie Talkie
  • – Walkie Talkie and Program

3) Walkie-Talkie Adaptors – TWO TYPES

  • PTT: Push To Talk adaptor – The button on the adaptor activates the electret mic on the UE COMM
  • Surveillance Style – The button on the adaptor activates a microphone next to the adaptor button.  NOTE: Can be used with other adaptors to talk to PL and Walkie-Talkies.
  • Motorola
  • Kenwood
  • Vertex
  • Other models available

4) BP-200 Adapter

  • – Specialty adaptor for BP-200 belt-packs

5) Headphone Extension Cables

  • – Basic cables to lengthen the distance between user and interface

6) Coil Extension Cables for Cameras

  • – Coil cables for cameramen who plug their UE COMM directly into their camera but the camera has to move around a lot – as if on a jib.

7) 90° Adapter

  • – 4pinF, 4pinM, and 5pinM adapters that turn on a 90° angle to streamline cable flow make it easier for people wearing belt packs.

8) IPX Bluetooth cable

  • For users who have or upgrade to the new IPX cable style UE COMM
  • 9) UE COMM cable to 4pinF, 5pinM or 4pinM adaptor
  • – Cable that goes directly to the 4pinF, 4pinM or 5pinM connector with no connection for adapter.